BALANCE – eggshell mosaic completed in May 2015. Dragon and Phoenix are the perfect couple in Feng Shui. They also represent the male (Yin) and female (Yang) energies, which complement each other, thus forming the perfect, harmonious unity and balance. Nowadays, it seems, there is much more male energy in the world, than female. With all these wars, injustice and conflicts in the world, now it is the right time for the Phoenix bird to rise again from its ashes, so balance of energies can be renewed. This is why we called this mosaic vase BALANCE. It represents the new era that is about to come.

Vase Dimensions: 24 cm height and 11 cm in diameter.

Composition: hen and quail eggshells.

Time to Produce: 5 months.



Irina (iravazi) Karamfilova-Tursunova

Date & Time

May 15, 2015