April 18, 2018

VOYAGE – eggshell mosaic completed in January 2018. Blue compass made with common blackbird eggshells. The rest of the mosaic is made with quail eggshells. Vase Dimensions: 13 cm height and 13 cm in diameter. Composition: quail and common blackbird eggshells. Time to Produce: 7 months.      

Impression by IRAVAZI


July 7, 2017

IMPRESSION – eggshell mosaic completed in August 2014. Enjoy this lovely birch tree and mountains on the backside.   Vase Dimensions: 24 cm height and 11 cm in diameter. Composition: common quail and hen eggshells. Time to Produce: 4 months.      



June 5, 2017

REFLECTIONS – eggshell mosaic made in 2015. Water lilies, heavenly white clouds, reflections in the water and three white swans. Harmony is all around! Three itself is a sacred number, which can be linked to the entities of the human being – body, soul and spirit. The swans can...

PATIENCE Eggshell Vase - Roses Basket Mosaic


May 19, 2017

PATIENCE – eggshell mosaic completed in May 2017. This project did not seem very difficult in the beginning, but eventually turned out to be one of the most complicated mosaics we have ever created! Some eggshell pieces are as small as 1 square millimeter. Vase Dimensions: 13 cm height...



February 26, 2017

SEASONS – eggshell mosaic completed in February 2017. Notice the hourglass, which counts the time until next spring. Also the apple blossom at the top, which symbolizes fertility and spring itself. Above is the sun. Vase Dimensions: 20 cm height and 11 cm in diameter. Composition: hen and quail...


August 25, 2016

CREATIONS – eggshell mosaic completed in August 2016. The meander-like decoration (also called Greek key) is an ancient symbol used by the Greeks and Romans and many of their temples had the sign of the meander incorporated. In this picture antiquity meets Eternity. The creations of man meet the...


May 15, 2015

BALANCE – eggshell mosaic completed in May 2015. Dragon and Phoenix are the perfect couple in Feng Shui. They also represent the male (Yin) and female (Yang) energies, which complement each other, thus forming the perfect, harmonious unity and balance. Nowadays, it seems, there is much more male energy...