Irina (iravazi) Karamfilova-Tursunova November 9, 2019



Dear Art Lovers,

Every good idea is just a lightning in the sky, a comet in space. It sparkles, it shows its beauty, then disappears in the abyss. IRAVAZI is much the same. It is merely an idea and ideas fade into oblivion unless they are repeated through time.

Recently we started receiving our first invitations to take part in international art exhibitions and events. This is quite an honor! However, relying only on self-funding turned out to be quite a challenging adventure for a novice artist. Hence, we have opened a fundraising account hoping to cover the expenses for showing our art to the world. If you wish you participate in this initiative, please use the account below.


55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd.
EXPO 2000
Sofia 1407
IBAN: BG56RZBB91551009360015

Please, enter details of payment (IRAVAZI, art project, art exhibition, etc.)


Thank you! Your cents will turn someone’s Dream into a Reality! 🙂