Irina (iravazi) Karamfilova-Tursunova April 11, 2018
IRAVAZI designs and creates micro mosaics. Our hand decorated vases are unique of their kind. Each mosaic is made from thousands of tiny eggshell parts, some of which as small as 1 square millimeter. Our artist Irina (IRAVAZI) Karamfilova-Tursunova designs and crafts her mosaic masterpieces with the utmost patience, fantasy and precision.
Why use glass tiles or any other man-made materials when mother Nature has so much to offer?
IRAVAZI uses bird eggshells in their unique coloration. All our mosaics are made from naturally colored eggshells. In addition to their distinguishing color qualities, eggshells are extremely durable and can sustain heat, cold, sunlight and humidity, without changing their form, color or shape. Their qualities combined with our application technique and high quality lacquer coatings create timeless pieces that can bring harmony into your home for decades!