CREATIONS – eggshell mosaic completed in August 2016. The meander-like decoration (also called Greek key) is an ancient symbol used by the Greeks and Romans and many of their temples had the sign of the meander incorporated. In this picture antiquity meets Eternity. The creations of man meet the everlasting and rejuvenating creations of God and Life, represented by the daisies and the butterfly. To mother Nature, the thousands of years of existence of the meander are like the time for one sway of the wings of a butterfly.

Vase Dimensions: 15 cm height and 17 cm in diameter.

Composition: hen and quail eggshells.

Time to Produce: 6 months.



Irina (iravazi) Karamfilova-Tursunova

Date & Time

August 25, 2016